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Why You Should Avoid AI Content on Your Website

by Thomas Brodbeck

As an SEO, you are always asked your opinions on how different things impact a website’s performance. I like to use examples to help illustrate my points and so having a place to dump all of my resources to send to clients is a must-have. If you are like me, you are constantly Googling different examples and trying to remember who said what. To make my job easier, this page is a list of links, tweets (x’s now?), threads, and more reasons why you should avoid AI content on your website.

If I’m missing anything, let me know on Twitter @tbrodbeck

Mark Williams-Cook’s article from SEL: Can Search Engines detect AI content?

Darren Shaw’s article from Whitespark: Does Google Penalize AI-Generated Content?

Barry Schwartz – SERoundtable: Google’s John Mueller On Using AI To Write Content…

Barry Schwartz – SERoundtable: Google: If You’re Using AI To Write Your Content, It’s Going To Be Rehashed From Other Sites

Barry Schwartz – SERoundtable: Google: Compilation Of ChatGPT Output Is Not Unique Content

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